[python-uk] Suggestions / best practices for deployment

Tim Diggins tim at red56.co.uk
Thu May 16 12:22:08 CEST 2013

Harry -

I think if you're teaching best practices on python and testing, you've got
to teach virtualenv - maybe not for deployment (cause better to have
separate VMs for staging and production) but for development and testing,
really important (unless you do everything in a vm, like vagrant or

Can't imagine how you could set up an effective CI server without
virtualenv, for example.


PS at the risk of starting a flame war: "zc.buildout"… --shudder--
Feels like there are two different python communities sometimes, those that
use zope-derived rather java-flavoured tools and mindset, and the rest.

On 16 May 2013 09:43, Matt Hamilton <matth at netsight.co.uk> wrote:

> On 16 May 2013, at 09:02, Harry Percival wrote:
> > Overall, it's both reassuring and depressing to hear that that there's
> no single accepted way to do it!
> *snip*
> because….
> > We then start with "provisioning" -- that's getting a server up and
> running with Apache installed.  Let's say that's something you don't
> automate, for now.
> >
> > Moving onto "deployment", that could cover:
> > - uploading / updating your source code on the server
> > - writing (or overwriting) the apache httpd.conf / sites-available entry
> > - making sure you're hooked up to the (right) database
> > - checking static files are working.
> >
> > That sounds like a couple of fairly simple fabric scripts, and a simple
> set of functional tests for checking  static files and database work (and
> that you haven't killed any old data).  You can do a deploy to staging, run
> your tests, and then have confidence that your deploy to live will be fine.
> That *your* use case above is not the same as *my* use case ;)
> So no doubt people are going to have different priorities and hence use
> different tools dependant on those priorities.
> OK, yes there *are* too many tools, and I fear many of them are due to
> not-invented-here syndrome. But still…. there will never be *one* single
> accepted way of doing things, and we all do different things.
> -Matt
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