[python-uk] Next London Python Code Dojo - 3rd June at Hogarthin Soho

Michael Grazebrook michael at grazebrook.com
Wed Jul 9 12:53:43 CEST 2014

Hi Tom,

You say you're hiring.

I'm a contract worker with 3 decades of experience. I normally work in 
the City. I'm trying to shift my skills from C++ & various relational 
databases to Python. Python is my favourite language. (If you were there 
for the 'pointless' dojo, that was my idea). I've only a few years 
Python experience and some holes in my skill set (especially web 
development). But I'm strong on algorithmic work and general development 

At my full rate, I'd be too expensive for you, largely because of City 
skills I wouldn't be using. But I'm also  not likely to get work until 
the end of the holidays. So if you would consider making me an offer at 
a rate which would be fair given the short-term commitment and sub-set 
of skills you'd be using, I'd be interested: it would be justified more 
by what I'd learn than the money.

My CV:


On 06/07/2014 23:02, Tom Viner wrote:
> Finally, since I was too shy to mention it on the night: we (Hogarth) 
> are hiring. If you fancy working with some of the most impressive 
> Python devs I've met, come join us. Drop me a line for details, 
> although beware: hitting reply to this email doesn't do what you think 
> it does, a lesson certain people won't forget... ;-)

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