[python-uk] repurposing python-uk artwork

Jonathan Hartley tartley at tartley.com
Sun Jan 31 14:11:32 EST 2016

Is the fantastic PyCon UK artwork of recent years licensed such that I 
could re-use it for my own purposes?

I've set up a new Python meetup group in my new homeland of Rochester, 
Minnesota, USA. I'm going to distribute flyers to promote the group in 
local colleges and the like. Since the very best Python related artwork 
I've ever seen is the PyCon UK graphics of the last few years, I'd love 
to re-use that and just plaster my own text on top, along the lines of 
"come to our local Python meetup!"

If this is allowed, where could I get it?


Jonathan Hartley
tartley at tartley.com
+1 507-513-1101

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