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Hi all,

Please see the forwarded message below for some news about Rob Collins --
I'm afraid it's not good news.  Rob has been a member of the Python
community in the UK for a very long time, and is a regular at PyCon UK.

When John Pinner was ill, Rob organised a card-signing for John at PyCon
UK, and I would like us to do the same for Rob.  If you have any messages
of support or reminiscences that you would like to share with Rob, please
send them to me by the end of Saturday.  The PyCon UK committee will
collate them and we'll send them on to Ann.



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From: Anthon van der Neut <avdn at europython.eu>
Date: 26 July 2016 at 12:21
Subject: News about Rob Collins
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I wrote to Rob Collins, because he was a fixture for me at EuroPython
doing the massages, collecting money for the PSF, and because I missed
him this year. I asked around if anybody knew why he was not there and
since nobody knew, decided to write him. Unfortunately the news I got
back from his wife Ann is not so good, see below.

Please forward this information within the Python community as Ann asked
in her reply. I am not sure if we should necessarily coordinate
responses, but I would like to ask anyone writing to Rob (through Ann)
to **explicitly state that you don't expect an answer**, so that those
(e)mails become a support for Rob and Ann without being a possible
burden for Ann, who might feel guilty if she cannot find the time to
answer in such a stressful time.


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Subject:        Re: EuroPython 2016
Date:   Tue, 26 Jul 2016 11:49:26 +0100
From:   Rob Collins <rob.collins at agiledata.co.uk>
To:     Anthon van der Neut <avdn at europython.eu>

Hello Anthon, this is Rob's wife Ann here.

That's really kind of you to message Rob, especially regarding the
massages! He was excited to raise money for the Python Foundation doing
the massages, and encouraging others to do them too. I'm so glad Harry
organized some massage this year!

Rob is currently in hospital. He was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma
Multiforme, essentially brain tumours, inoperable, quickly fatal, and
rather a shock to us all. The diagnosis was further complicated by a
major bleed from the tumours, resulting in a massive stroke. Rob can't
move his right side at all, and has problems swallowing, and has until
this week only been able to communicate by grunting. At last he is
beginning to make words, but any concentrated effort wears him out very
quickly- but it is wonderful to hear him speaking a little again. We are
getting a room ready at home for him to return to, with hospital bed,
hoist, wheelchair, and carers. He is desperate to come home, and we all
want to spend his last few weeks with him here.

Please do pass this news within the Python community as you need to.
Thanks again for sending your message! Hope you enjoyed EuroPython. I
came with Rob to Florence when it was held there, and had a wonderful
time visiting the sights, and then took Rob to the Boboli Gardens when
the conference ended and he had a couple of days of holiday before we
flew home. I also came to the Saturday evening meal last year at PyCon
UK, and it was good to put faces to the names I'd heard Rob mention before.

Best wishes to you, Ann

On 24 July 2016 at 21:28, Anthon van der Neut <avdn at europython.eu
<mailto:avdn at europython.eu>> wrote:

    Dear Rob,

    I don't know if you remember me, but I missed you at EuroPython this
    year. I had seen you there every time I went to EuroPython (several
    times since 2006) and PyCon UK (a few times in 00's).

    At the social event Harry (who did the lightning talks last year, in the
    absense of Harald) organized the massage and I realised I had not seen
    you yet. I asked around if you are OK, but nobody could give me any

    I just wanted to let you know that I like to think your absence was
    because you had even better things to do than go to EuroPython, and that
    I hope to see you again at a future event.

    Anthon van der Neut
    Boardmember/Treasurer EuroPython Society
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