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Jonathan Hartley tartley at tartley.com
Fri Feb 10 09:12:25 EST 2017

Glad to hear it, Hansel - congrats.

And similar thanks to the list from myself. I was expecting to have to 
pursue something I can work from home, ie. remote work, due to currently 
having a lifestyle built around supervising my kid and school runs. But 
I was able to reach an unconventional but palatable arrangement with a 
local start-up here in Rochester, MN, USA.

So, three cheers for http://able.ag, the nascent software division of 
Bright Agrotech, who provide supplies for those funky indoor "vertical 
farms" with plants growing in highly managed racks. It is, I've come to 
understand, the future.

(This is the shop I asked for advice about last week that is currently 
C# and F# but want me to add some Python services)


On 02/10/2017 07:26 AM, Hansel Dunlop wrote:
> Hello
> Thanks for everyone's help with the job search last month. I can 
> happily report that I found a new work home because of it.
> I talked to lots of companies but one really stood out as being a 
> fantastic idea with a really nice team behind it.
> Sten and Stuart from Tego Cover <https://www.tegocover.com/>, both ex 
> OneFineStay, are looking for someone to continue developing the 
> product. Stuart is technical and Sten is operations.
> Get in touch if you want their details or just approach them directly. 
> They're also open to contractors.
> Thanks again
> Hansel
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>                                 Hansel
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