[python-uk] Reviewing third-party packages

Patrick Morris patrick at shimi.co.uk
Fri Jul 28 05:08:26 EDT 2017

On 28/07/2017 05:54, Steve - Gadget Barnes wrote:
> On 28/07/2017 00:27, PyUK at getaroundtoit.co.uk wrote:
>> S, (Andy and Mike)
>> Yes, you've hit a couple of pertinent points; and it might make for an
>> interesting project.
>> However, I was looking for a check-list or similar which I can give to
>> the pertinent dev.teams to ensure that they are 'covering all the bases'
>> - whereas the question: "have you checked 'everything'?" produces a
>> rather predictable response.
>> I'm thinking someone wiser than I will have written these things down -
>> just can't find such...
> As a starting point, my personal mini-checklist, for considering
> including packages:
> 1. Licensing: Is the project only ever going to be internal? If there is
> any chance of it's being included in a commercial deliverable then the
> licence and all of it's dependencies must be "Apache or better" and have
> a chart of the acceptable permissive licences vs. usage. Basically the
> licences that we generally have green flags for are MIT, BSD, CC-BY,
> MMS-PL & PSF. With some yellow flags on Artistic/Perl & Apache.
> 2. A quick look at the project repository for indications of activity
> such as recent check-ins, outstanding tickets, age of pull requests,
> discussion levels & tone on tickets. (Call this an abandonware check).
> 3. The reputation, on-line & off, of the authors & maintainers.
> 4. Is it hosted on a host that hasn't announced its own demise.
> 5. Test coverage &/or Coverity
> 6. Do the requirements look reasonable for the nature of the package,
> e.g. I wouldn't expect network or server type dependencies in a screen
> shot package.
> 7. Ditto the imports
> 8. If there are none-Python elements are they about what I would expect,
> i.e. things that you would expect performance issues with?
> 9. Support for Python 3 & 2 or at least a clear statement.

All of the above are good

You could also use the following to check for known vulnerabilities



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