[python-uk] John Pinner awards -- a reminder

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Mon Sep 18 14:55:22 EDT 2017

UK Python people: is there anyone you know (including yourself!) who has 
contributed time & effort into the UK Python community, in any way?

Someone who volunteers at Raspberry Jams, someone who runs Python 
workshops, who helps with Django Girls, who does the Python stuff in the 
local library's Code Club, who organises a meetup or who turns up at one 
to support people, who persuades their company to host a Python Dojo, 
who helps answer people's Python questions on StackOverflow or the 
ComputingAtSchool forums, who operates behind the scenes of the Python 
mailing lists, who answers the same teacher's newbie question for the 
nth time, who produces worksheets or cheatsheets or flash cards to help 
people learn, who volunteers in the local Adult Education Centre to help 
people begin to program, who turns up month after month or year after 
year to that Python event, never making a fuss, but standing for the 

Do you know anyone like that?

Then nominate them for the John Pinner awards, named after the man who 
did so much of that himself, and without whose understated dynamism we 
wouldn't have PyCon UK.

Go to this page. Do it now.


Put down whoever you can think of who contributes time and effort to 
supporting the Python community in the UK in any way.


PS If you want to gripe about it being a Google form and that, just 
email *me* and I'll fill it in for you. Ok?

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