[python-uk] Full time back-end developer required for amazing team

David Wilson dw+python-uk at hmmz.org
Tue Sep 19 08:58:56 EDT 2017

Hi guys,

My hands down all-time favourite client in London are currently hiring a
new permanent backend developer to work at their gorgeous office in
Kings Cross. They are a nonprofit specializing in human rights, with an
incredibly relaxed large studio office with plenty of light and many
amazing corners to hack away in.

I cannot emphasize enough how much I love this office and team, they're
unparalleled in all my time in London; a 20-ish strong group of talented
researchers from all backgrounds and walks of life, regular team
activities and drinks, an amazing coffee machine, tea selection, and
part time office dog that you can take home for the evening if you feel
so inclined.

Tech-wise, most existing projects are in Django, with lots of Angular
used in the past couple of years, Ansible for deployment, hosted on AWS
with a managed service company providing AWS support for when your hands
are otherwise full.

The position would be an ideal fit for a sharp mid-level developer eager
for an environment that emphasizes relaxed creativity and a healthy
working environment over late nights and impossible deadlines, with a
workflow composed entirely of meaningful real world projects.


Please drop Riccardo a link with your CV and GitHub, or feel free to ask
me questions off-list.



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