[python-uk] Data-science flavoured back end engineer required for proptech startup

me at mebassett.info me at mebassett.info
Tue Sep 26 12:38:28 EDT 2017

Hi everyone,

Forgive me for adding the chorus of job postings on this mailing list.

So we're hiring a software engineer, which plenty basic machine learning
/ data science work, to join my new team in an early stage proptech
startup.  In short, we are doing data mining for commercial real estate
investors.   Our founders have amble experience and deep connections in
the industry, and like you'd expect of a startup, are infectiously
passionate about what they do.

The team is a mix of jr and sr front end and a few seasoned python
developers with past work in data science applications.  We are all big
believers in functional programming (our front end is in Elm, for
instance), continuous learning (I used to lead a study group on SICP),
and a sane, healthy work life.  We're based near Waterloo in a WeWork

This is full time and onsite.  The role is to help build our back-end
data mining infrastructure.  

Techwise we like: Elm, numpy, sklearn, postgres, clojure, rust, haskell,
racket (we're not necessarily using all of those, but we like talking
about the latter few.)  We're not worried about what your current
skillset is, or how much experience you've had.  We chiefly are
interested in your capacity to learn.  We've budgeted for an annual
salary of 50-60k GBP DOE.  Equity as well.  

Sound interesting?  Feel free to email me here, or check out our website
here:  http://www.triviumre.com.



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