[python-win32] Win32 COM starter book.

Sison, Nick nsis5@allstate.com
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 13:39:59 -0600

I just started with Python and with programming in the Win32 environment as
well.  The "Python programming with Win32" book by Mark Hammond & Andy
Robinson seems to be a great book. (1/3 of the way through).  I am
struggling with the concepts presented by the COM world and wondered what a
good resource (book) might be for the beginning programmer.  Any advice is
greatly appreciated.  Thanks in Advance!

Also, while not quite there yet.  The .NET environment seems to be right
around the corner (in acceptance and implementation).  I know that some
preliminary work was done in that environment but there is no .NET version
of Python just yet.  Will the investment (in time) with learning the ins and
outs of the COM/DCOM/COM++ environments be useful?  (just the frustration
talking, :-)

Nick Sison

ps.  I have more of a systems integration / network integration background
and I am trying to move more into the developer world.