[python-win32] ASP, Python 2.2

Michael Rothwell rothwell@holly-springs.nc.us
Thu, 26 Dec 2002 17:20:47 -0500

Hi all,

I'm using Python 2.2 (ActiveState version) with IIS/ASP on Windows 2000 
and NT4. I'm having a pair of problems I've not been able to resolve 
satisfactorily, but I imagine someone here has a solution.

1) sys.path doesn't include the current directory
I cannot import a module in the local directory of the ASP script unless 
I first sys.path.append() the current directory.

2) page displays once, then doesn't display again.
The first time a access an ASP page from a browser, it runs properly and 
displays the contents I would expect. The second time, it doesn't return 
anything but this:


updating the timestamp on the .asp file makes it work again -- once. 
What can I do to fix this?