[python-win32] Creating an installer for a COM server.

Pavlos Christoforou Pavlos Christoforou" <pavlos@gaaros.com
Thu, 14 Nov 2002 16:44:40 -0000

Hello everyone

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> re-registering the COM servers *should* work after changing the location
> these modules.  COM object registration puts the full path to
> pythoncom22.dll in the registry, so changing the location of this will
> require re-registering.

It seems that the full path is not installed in the registry. Even if I
modified it manually COM objects raise an automation error ('the specified
module cannot be found') if accessed from VB but work fine if accessed from
python using win32com.client.Dispatch.

Basically I could not make COM servers work from VB unless PythonCOM22.dll,
python22.dll, and PyWinTypes22.dll exist in the winnt/system32 directory.

However I had no problem registering COM servers and using them from python
after following your instructions.