[python-win32] Dialogs + Menus

Kerry Oliphant koliphant at qwest.net
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Use 'win32ui.CreateMenu()' to create a 'PyCMenu' object and use the methods
of that object to populate the menu as you wish.  Then use the dialog
window's 'SetMenu()' method to assign your created menu to the dialog.
After that you can put some 'HookCommand()' calls in your dialog
'OnInitDialog()' method to associate the menu ID's with methods in your
dialog class.


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I am new to the list but have been using the python-win32 libraries
extensively and with great sucess on a new product (www.imvu.com). I've
created several dialog boxes using variations on the demos that ship with
pywin32 with great success. What I want to add now is adding menu bars to
these windows, which I have not been able to figure out how to do. Does
anyone have any suggestions?

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