[python-win32] Folder permissions

Ryan Parrish RyanP at foxracing.com
Fri Jan 28 23:57:51 CET 2005

Hi, this is my first jump into the win32 world of python so please excuse me and carry on your normal life's if what I'm saying makes no sense at all :-)

I am trying to write a script that will walk all my directories and get the users/groups and there respective permissions that are assigned to the folder, but I cant seem to find a suitable part to start.
I found the demo script called FileSecurityTest.py that seemed like what I was looking for, but the functions it uses win32security.GetFileSecurity() don't seem to return all permissions, all it really returns is the owner, and the data it gives for groups is incorrect.  
So I started looking in the docs and found what to me looked like EXACTLY what I was trying to do...

But it only gives the C code for this fileperm module?!? I cant file fileperm any ware on my system or in a fresh download from the site :-/
I don't have visual studio to compile this so I can begin using it, has anyone compiled it and could perhaps send me a copy?


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