[python-win32] Embed PyCWnd in Tkinter Frame?

Metz, Bobby W, WCS bwmetz at att.com
Tue Apr 11 08:58:35 CEST 2006

Is pythonwin or wxPython the only way to use an ActiveX control then?

And for something completely outta left field...is there any way to make
the main Tkinter window transparent, i.e. just a window border?  If so,
a determined individual might be able to intercept move/resize events to
literal wrap one's tkinter app around another window.

Anyway, guess it looks like I'll have to re-write the app in something
else unless someone else has a brilliant suggestion.



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> 	I've been searching for this all weekend and can't find
> what I consider a straight answer.  I have an existing Tkinter
> app which automates IE but I'd really like to embed IE in a
> Tkinter frame but don't want to have to completely re-write the
> app.  I see it appears fairly easy to activate an ActiveX control
> using wxPython or Pythonwin.  Is it impossible to somehow wrap a
> Pythonwin PyCWnd into a Tkinter frame so that I can utilize
> win32ui.CreateControl to initiate an IE control in my app?

To the best of my knowledge, that has never been done.  Pythonwin and
Tkinter struggle to coexist in the same process, let alone the same


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