[python-win32] Executing eval function in VBscript

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Tue Feb 5 07:18:22 CET 2008

You probably want to take a copy of interp.py and modify it so that when a
dictionary is returned, you return something like the Python.Dictionary
object (see win32com\servers\dictionary.py).  You can create such an object
via something like:


>>> from win32com.servers.dictionary import DictionaryPolicy

>>> from win32com.server.util import wrap

>>> ob = wrap({"foo":"bar"}, usePolicy=DictionaryPolicy)

>>> ob

<PyIDispatch at 0x01507A88 with obj at 0x01511620>


If interp.py returned 'ob', VB should be able to access it somewhat like a
regular VB collection - so instead of simply:


        return eval(str(exp), self.dict)


you checked the result, and if it's a dict, execute the lines above and
return 'ob' instead of the dict (and obviously using a real dict instead of
the constant one in the example above)


Hope this helps (and works ;)




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yes i want to have python functionality in excel, 
iam trying to call python functions from VBscript, 
more like evaluating a python expression say dictionary or list in VBscript 
For evaluating a python expression , python has some library functions like
eval which takes python expressions 
 in string format and checks whether it is a valid python expression or not 

so i thought of calling that python eval function in VBscript and validate
my datas 
but the problem is when i tried to pass dictionaries for eg, "{'key':value}"
this is the format of dictionary in python 
VBscript throws error like type mismatch 
since VB dictionary representation of VB and python are different 

Thanks and Regards!

"Tony Cappellini" <cappy2112 at gmail.com> 

02/05/2008 01:51 AM 

Please respond to
cappy2112 at gmail.com


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[python-win32] Executing eval function in VBscript



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>>That's hard to answer until we know what you want to accomplish! Tell us
>>more. What problem are you trying to solve?

I think he wants to have python functionality from excel, which is
what I'd like to accomplish as well.
(Python embedded into excel, as opposed to launching Excel from Python)

>>Also I'm not very familiar with MSScriptControl. I googled it and found
>>no useful documentation. Do you have any references to it?
Everything you want to know about the MSScriptControl is on microsoft's


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