[python-win32] Max parameters in method of IConnectionPoint interface?

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Wed Mar 26 23:42:11 CET 2008

> I have implemented an object that supports connection points in COM.
> In ATL, there is a #define that limits the number of parameters
> supported for a
> connection point client:
> #define _ATL_MAX_VARTYPES 8
> I have one function that has 11 parameters, so for my C++ client (using
> ATL) I
> had to redefine this to a larger number.
> However, my Python clients return E_OUTOFMEMORY when the Source
> interface
> attempts to call into the client. I assume (maybe wrongly) that this is
> due to
> an arbitrary maximum on number of parameters.

There is no arbitrary limit that I recall.  Can you show us a snippet of
failing code and the traceback?



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