[python-win32] Pb SxS for install

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Fri Jan 30 02:38:03 CET 2009

> OK, but... over night, after a (good ? long?) sleep (with several
> dreams,
> where Pywin32 run without problem of DLL loading with Python 2.6.1 &
> import socket...)

The changes in these builds will not have any affect on Python's inability
to load modules when the CRT isn't installed globally - it will only allow
the pywin32 installer itself to start.  I guess it is likely that even
though the installer should now start and install, the post-install script
will still fail trying to load win32api etc.

There has been a recent commit to Python itself that should fix this issue -
I've put a copy of python26.dll (built yesterday from the 2.6 svn branch),
at the same place as the other installers.  I suspect, but haven't tested,
that you could drop this DLL into your 2.6 install (including the copy in
system32 if appropriate) and all such module load errors will then go away.
You might be best making sure that works before you try the new installer.



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