[python-win32] PyGUI blobedit creashes with pywin32-214 but not 212 - traceback - related problems

Roger Upole rupole at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 22 04:18:07 CEST 2010

Greg Ewing wrote:
> Roger Upole wrote:
>> You instantiate the MFC view object without a document, but in order
>> to actually create a window and do anything useful with it, it needs
>> a valid document.
> Are you absolutely sure about that?
> At the MFC level, I can't see anything to stop you from
> instantiating a CView and calling its Create method without
> ever mentioning a CDocument.
> The RichEditView kludge ends up creating a PyDocument object
> wrapping a null pointer, and MFC seemed to be happy with
> whatever pywin32 build 212 and earlier did with that.

Not exactly happy, no.  In debug mode it triggers any number of
asserts.  In a release build without the asserts, it becomes possible
to trigger crashes by calling any methods on the view that need
access to the associated document.


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