[python-win32] Problem with win32print.SetPrinter

Roger Upole rupole at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 2 00:11:50 CET 2011

"Tefnet Developers" <developers at tefnet.pl> wrote in message 
news:1298974742.7642.1.camel at cacko...
> Dnia 2011-02-28, pon o godzinie 19:11 -0500, Roger Upole pisze:
>> I think this is dependent on the printer driver.
>> Some use the paper size defined by the the form,
>> and others use the PaperSize member.
> The driver used is the generic postscript driver (MS Publisher
> Imagesetter) provided with Windows.
> My problem is that changing paper size in the default printer
> preferences UI changes both members of devmode.
> Changing the way I do it (as shown before) does not change the paper
> size in preferences UI - and that's exactly what I need to change.
> I guess that if both fields are affected by the UI then I should also
> change both to achieve the desired effect, right?
> bye,
> Filip Zyzniewski
> Tefnet

Try adding a second GetPrinter immediately after the SetPrinter,
and see if the returned devmode has the expected values.


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