[python-win32] How to call Python methods and properties from VBS?

Mark Hammond skippy.hammond at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 02:02:44 CEST 2011

On 8/09/2011 11:20 PM, FT wrote:
> Mark,
> This script:
> set interp = CreateObject("Python.Interpreter")
> interp.Exec "import sys"
>      Is this not calling a local computers installation of Python?

If you built a DLL via py2exe and registered that, then it will not be 
using the local installation of Python but a copy of Python which py2exe 
has packaged up.  That is basically the entire point of py2exe.

>      I read over several times the Py2Exe docs and the chapter 12 stuff on
> making the .dll and .exe. I always compile with both being made and test my
> programs and they work fine.
>      This example that you pointed me to and I had already read seems to
> indicate that the Python is already on that computer by calling that
> CreateObject method.
>      It does not answer my original question, for looking around it seems all
> examples assume the Python is already installed.
>      I read the way you use specific commands inside all definitions to
> indicate what you want to expose and not expose, but where is the complete
> example of someone installing th e .dll and or .exe into a machine that does
> not have Python and registering assuming that?

A py2exe created package does not need Python installed to work. 
However, it also doesn't perform the actual installation - you want 
something like nsis or inno for that.

>      Question number 2, I attempted to download the latest win32 packages one
> compiled/built July 2009 and May of this year. In both cases I could not
> install the .exe and the error was saying both are corrupted!

I have heard that internet explorer can get upset with the installation 
files for some reason - can you try a different browser?  Or even try 
and start the installer executable from Windows itself instead of via 
IE?  FWIW, the files on sourceforge are fine.

>      Now, I need a direct link to the actual download and not a third party,
> jump, moved to another page link, for I think I may have been directed to a
> virus loaded page to download these files.

The files are hosted on sourceforge and they often redirect you to a 
mirror.  I'm afraid I'm not sure of what the canonical location of the 
"actual download" is, but I'd be very very surprised if one of their 
mirrors added a virus.



>      So, I need a good example on what I had asked below and the page to have
> the latest Python2.5 com and win32 packages to run with, for I have only
> 2007 versions on my computer.
>          Sincerely
>          Bruce
> Sent: Tuesday, September 06, 2011 12:24 AM
> Subject: Re: [python-win32] How to call Python methods and properties from
> VBS?
> Please keep replies on the python-win32 list - others may also be able
> to help you too.
> You might like to check out the sample in samples\pywin32\com_server in
> the py2exe distribution - that demonstrates a simple COM object and has
> a VBScript sample which calls it.
> Hope this helps,
> Mark
> On 6/09/2011 1:38 PM, FT wrote:
>> Hi Mark,
>>       I wanted to have the python and other modules from a py2exe
> accessible
>> from vb script. So I would need to have the best documentation on how to
> set
>> up the python com library to be able to call it from vb script. This is
> not
>> using a web server, but inside a screen reader script language. The one I
> am
>> using is Windoweyes Scripting language which has all or most windows
> methods
>> and the external xml file for screen displays.
>>       I am a blind programmer and use the screen reader with a built in vb
>> script programming language. So, knowing Python I want to be able to call
>> those module methods at will. I have made executables but they reside in a
>> sub directory of Windoweyes and are limited to only what the .exe file
> does
>> and not flexible beyond that point.
>>       I was given snap shots of examples but they are very spotty and
> actual
>> say they show a vb script example, but none was displayed.
>>       I am assuming that you have to make a class for all the modules you
> want
>> to be able to call, but not really sure on that. I have spent all evening
>> trying to find examples and such and came up with almost nothing but an
> old
>> activestate 2.4 brief description which said little on what to do.
>>       So, this is where I am at the moment and have found little to explain
>> fully what to do. It showed a way to set up the py2exe but the so called
>> example call from vb script was not there but it said it was. The typical
>> hello script example.
>>       So, what I need is a very good tutorial on how to step by step make
> the
>> class and compile it to a distributle so it can be registered and called
> as
>> a com or automation call from vb script. Using what I would assume to be
> the
>> CreatObject command in vbs to make an instance of that
> object/module/method.
>>       I am blind, so no pictures, I need just plain text to do it.
>>           Sincerely
>>           Bruce
>> Sent: Monday, September 05, 2011 6:51 PM
>> Subject: Re: [python-win32] How to call Python methods and properties from
>> VBS?
>> On 4/09/2011 11:35 PM, FT wrote:
>>> Hi Again,
>>> To be more specific I have compiled the Python inside a distributed
>>> package and need to know how to call from within that compiled package
>>> any method. In other words do I have to register the Python inside my
>>> .vbs script before calling any methods?
>>> I am saying this so another user does not need to install Python, just
>>> call using com inside the distributed Python compiled version.
>>> If so, how do I get the Python setup or in a form to call? I will be
>>> doing all the calls from .VBS and how would the CreateObject from there
>>> be done to setup to call the compiled Python interpreter?
>> You should develop and test using normal Python, then once you want to
>> distribute it to others, look into py2exe to "compile" it and an
>> installer program such as nsis or inno so the user can simply install it.
>> Hope this helps,
>> Mark
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