[PythonCAD] Greetings and questions about patches!

Stuart Brorson sdb at cloud9.net
Fri Oct 14 17:36:57 CEST 2005

Hi --

> Having keyboard shortcuts for accessing things could definitely be
> handy, especially for people familiar with other CAD packages that
> offered this sort of use. I suspect that adding the mnemonics is
> mostly a matter of adding underscore characters to the appropriate
> argument in the gtk.Action instances, but there could be more to do.

This is indeed what I am doing.  It's not hard. . . .  Expect to
see it in a day or so. 

BTW:  What's the best way to submit patches?  I'll probably just post
a .diff.gz to the list, but is there a better way?  BTW: The diff is
against release 25.  I tried to grab the latest using subversion, but
svn wouldn't let me.  Do I need an acct, or is there an anonymous
login?  (I am new to svn, but have used CVS previously.)

(I typically use "diff -run" from the base directory.  I have put
comments and stuff into several source files.)

> > *  I would like to add an "escape key" functionality to each action.
[ . . . . . snip . . . . . ]
> Pressing 'Esc' should do what you propose now. It is a bug if doing so
> does not return PythonCAD to the 'Enter Command' mode. I'll take a peek
> at this and see if things are or are not working properly.

Actually, it didn't work on my machine.  However, I got it working.
For some reason, this line was commented out in the class definition 
(__init__) for GTKImage:

        self.__window.connect("event", window_general_event, self)

Therefore, key_press events were getting lost.  (The __da window was
not receiving them, I don't know why.)  Perhaps this was due
to some debug activity?  Or was this an attempt to squish another bug.

> I think your ideas all sound great, and I'm open to nearly anything that
> makes PythonCAD a better program.

Thanks!  Expect to see some patches and other stuff over the next few


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