[PythonCAD] dimensions don't show up?

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Sat Jun 3 18:58:08 CEST 2006

On Sat, Jun 03, 2006 at 01:47:33AM -0400, Russ Nelson wrote:
> Art Haas writes:
>  > 'Modify' -> 'Change' -> 'Dimension' -> 'Primary Dim String' -> 'Size'
> Ahhhhh, yes, that fixes it.


> But I just discovered a few bugs.  First one is that File->New is not
> undoable.  Why shouldn't it be?  That's a better paradigm than to ask
> "Are you sure?"  Because nearly always the person will be SURE they're
> sure, and five seconds later change their confidence vanishes.

Doing a 'File->New' from the menu opens up a new window, so it shouldn't
do anything to the existsing drawing(s) you already have opened. When
you did this the new window may have been placed over the existing
window so you thought your drawing was erased. If this menu operation
does _not_ open a new window then there is a bug requiring fixing.

> Second bug is related to line drawing.
> Draw -> Basic -> Segment
> Click on two points to form a line segment.
> Click on a new point (just one, leaving a rubberbanding line).
> Click Edit -> Undo.
> Leaves a line drawn on the screen.

I don't get the line left on the screen, but I do get a problem where
the graphic context drawing mode is changed and any mouse movement in
the drawing area results in line drawings. Hitting 'Esc' restores things
correctly so that work can continue.

> Third bug (probably related to the second):
> Draw -> Basic -> Point
> Click twice to create two points.
> Draw -> Basic -> Segment
> Click on each of those two points to create a line segment between
> them.
> Click on a new point (just one, leaving a rubberbanding line).
> Edit -> Undo
> Rubberbanding stops erasing.
> When you do the second click, the screen is redrawn.

I see this behavior as well. The 'rubberbanding stops erasing' is the
change in the graphics context problem similar to that in the other
drawing bug report. I also see that the completed segment is removed
when 'Undo' is clicked; this happens because the undo process is
performed on the last completed action in the drawing, which was adding
the segment. While drawing a segment the location of the first point is
saved but no point is actually added to the drawing until the second
segment point is either entered in the command entry box at the bottom
of the screen or the mouse is clicked.

Handling undo operations in the middle of creating some entity will
require some thought as to how, or even if, it can be done.

> First bug is pretty serious because it can result in loss of data.
> Second and Third bugs are merely drawing artifacts.  Maybe don't need
> fixing.

Thanks for the reports. I'll try and figure out how to fix the problems
you found with the calling undo in the middle of segment creation.
Please check that you do get a new window when calling 'File'->'New',
as I think that is what happened.

Art Haas
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