[PythonCAD] Design proposal for pythoncad website

Rafael Villar Burke pachi at rvburke.com
Mon Oct 9 21:55:59 CEST 2006

José Antonio Martín Prieto wrote:
> Hi,
¡Hola! :)
> last week I made a basic css design for the website of pythoncad. I 
> think that the project should have a more attractive website than the 
> current one.
> I sent an email to Art asking for his opinion about this, but I think 
> that maybe he has not seen my message, so I would like to know the 
> opinion of the list subscribers.
> My design proposal is simple and standards compliant. I have designed 
> a logo and chosen a colour scheme. The html code of the original site 
> remains the same (except for the addition of a pair of divs) and I 
> have only added an stylesheet.
> You can see a draft in 
> http://lakamarilla.no-ip.com/~martinp/pythoncad/ 
> <http://lakamarilla.no-ip.com/%7Emartinp/pythoncad/> and I would like 
> to know your opinion about the following questions:
> - Do you think that redesigning the website is a good idea?
It's really needed!.
> - Do you like the logo?
I quite like it. The only part of if that doesn't convince me is the 
'python' typeface. I think the rest of the logo is very elegant, but the 
chosen font for the python part is not that good because you mix a flat 
and very geometrical design with a 3D one. Maybe something without the 
3D effect and just laid out over the CAD part is much better.
Also, the bridge photograph should be right aligned, with the border of 
its containing white box.
> - Do you like the first design?
yep. If you are willing to take the effort further, maybe it would be 
better having the contents splitted in a bunch of pages. For instance: 
About pythonCAD (main page), Getting PythonCAD, Development, Links. And 
screenshots should be intermixed with those contents. Users should see 
what's PythonCAD, how does it look like and its features since the very 
first moment they get into the website.
> - Any suggestions?
I don't like the green background for the console texts. It's a bit too 
dark and not on the same range of colours than the rest of the design. 
Maybe something like PaleTurquoise1 (#BBFFFF) fits better.
> Please, be frank in your answers. Really, if you don't like it, I 
> don't mind throwing the design to the trash :)
> Best regards,
> Jose Antonio
Thanks for pushing this work forward,

Rafael Villar Burke

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