[PythonCAD] Design proposal for pythoncad website

José Antonio Martín Prieto jantonio.martin at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 22:44:03 CEST 2006

first of all, Art, thanks a lot for your support. I have received your mail
at 20:08 (GMT+2), I don't know why.
I have found very correct Rafael's answers, and I have made some changes
based on his suggestions.

> > - Do you like the logo?
> I quite like it. The only part of if that doesn't convince me is the
> 'python' typeface. I think the rest of the logo is very elegant, but the
> chosen font for the python part is not that good because you mix a flat
> and very geometrical design with a 3D one. Maybe something without the
> 3D effect and just laid out over the CAD part is much better.

I didn't really like this typeface, and following your advice, I have
changed it. I think now it's much better.

> - Do you like the first design?
> yep. If you are willing to take the effort further, maybe it would be
> better having the contents splitted in a bunch of pages. For instance:
> About pythonCAD (main page), Getting PythonCAD, Development, Links. And
> screenshots should be intermixed with those contents. Users should see
> what's PythonCAD, how does it look like and its features since the very
> first moment they get into the website.

This is the second step I would like to take, but I didn't want to move
further without some positive opinions. However, I think it's easy to apply
the stylesheet to the whole current site and then, with more time, changing
its structure.

Thanks again for your support and suggestions,
José Antonio

"In a world without frontiers, who needs Gates and Windows?
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