[PythonCE] win32gui

Jorg E . Rødsjø jorgelr@stud.ntnu.no
Sun, 17 Feb 2002 00:24:48 +0100


I am currently involved in a project at my university (www.ntnu.no),
developing a shared workspace system running on ipaqs and stationary

We are at the moment looking at different languages, and we have tried
python on the ipaq running WinCE(2002 to be presice.) Which seems to work
Our current problem is the lack of gui. We see win32gui is there, but the
documentation seems to be skimpy at best. And our searches for more have
been to no avail.

We tried to use anygui, which should be able to run using win23gui, but we
are unable to import it without errors.

Can anyone give us, or point us to some resources when it comes to using

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, as we are hoping to avoid
using embedded C++ or VB.


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