[PythonCE] XScale report

Telion telionce@yahoo.com
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 09:06:14 -0800 (PST)

--- Vincent Legoll <vlegoll@apsydev.com> wrote:
> > I will launch a full test suite & pystone later...
> Did it, results below:
> The "test_all" give me some failures, are people
> interested in a complete report including output 
> files ?
> pystone with system configured with maximized
> power saving option ~25, ouch, but you'll get what
> you asked for, so...
> When configured for performance, I got around 150
> which is barely standard for a 400MHz XScale, I
> think...
> BTW, what is the methodology to get that python
> binary compiled ? I wonder what was the compiler's
> target & optimization settings: -marm, -mthumb,
> or something else...
> Or am I completely off base and it has not been
> compiled with gcc... I'm having trouble building a
> cross gcc (i686-linux as host arm-wince-pe as
> target) If someone has any clue...
> -- 
> Vince

All builds of PythonCE2.2+ are compiled with eVC.

I'm not sure at all if you can build with gcc.
Probably, you may need to modify Python source code, too.

But if you can make it, that may eliminate some
MicroSoft specific problems.

I'm a little fed up with MS marketing strategy and
thinking about buying Linux PDA.
Then I can forget about lots of rather stupid problems.

- telionce@yahoo.com -

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