[PythonCE] Python CE and GUI work

Brian Brown brian@ablelinktech.com
Wed, 02 Oct 2002 16:29:15 -0600


  I'm a long type python user, but just recently started working for a 
company that does a lot of CE development... so now I'm kinda out of my 
element :)

This company has been doing all evb development, but they are open to 
moving to a more unified platform so we can support CE, Windows, and 
OSX. Python in on the table for the language of choice. I've been able 
to get the distributions running on an ARM and a MIPS unit, using Brad's 
distro for ARM and grabbing Telion's stuff for MIPS. What I would really 
like to do is be able to run pyui + sdl for a gui interface (really I 
want wxPython... but I don't have the c++ skills to help a lot, at least 
not yet :). That also entails PIL and pygame... has anyone tried to put 
any of these on CE? I'm gonna give it a shot, but if anyone has any 
horror stories or helpful hints, it would be greatly appreciated. 
Anything I'm able to get going I'll post if anyone is interested.

Also, if anyone has any other suggestions for GUI stuff that could work 
with our platform requirements, I'd be all ears ;)
Thanks for the great work that I get to benefit from!