[PythonCE] Re Python CE and GUI work

Telion telionce@yahoo.com
Thu, 3 Oct 2002 08:04:28 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Brian,

I think you are the first person reporting about MIPS version.
Let me know if you find bug or you have suggestions.

For GUI, I do not really know if someone is working on something.
As Brad has indicated, we can create GUI apps using win32gui module.

Other than that, if you use calldll.pyd (and also maybe edll.py),
You can access other gui library offered in dll form.

I know there are game libararies for CE, gapi emulation.

Personally, I'm thinking something like winpy 
(The name doesn't sound so good, though)

It offers compatibility for other win32 platforms,
and even UNIX type machine.

But I have not really done anything, yet.

I thinnk easiest way is to look for a Libarary already availabe for CE,
and use it through calldll --- to begin with --- and then
creating wrapper module later.

As for wxPython, I have thought about it.
I think there are a little to many requirements 
that have to be solvedto use it.
But I'll be pretty happy if someone can make it run on CE.

Brad (who has skill) seems to be busy these days,
and me (who has a litlle more time) lacks in skill for
porting something serious.

So, we need someone else who has both skill and time.

                  --- or ---

Try to make use of GUI and/or Graphic libraries already ported on CE,
and start from there.

As I'm not a type who dreams and waits for eternity to be saved,
I will go into later choice unless first choice becomes reality.


Brian Brown <brian@ablelinktech.com> wrote:
(2002/10/02 18:29)
>  I'm a long type python user, but just recently started working for a 
>company that does a lot of CE development... so now I'm kinda out of my 
>element :)
>This company has been doing all evb development, but they are open to 
>moving to a more unified platform so we can support CE, Windows, and 
>OSX. Python in on the table for the language of choice. I've been able 
>to get the distributions running on an ARM and a MIPS unit, using Brad's 
>distro for ARM and grabbing Telion's stuff for MIPS. What I would really 
>like to do is be able to run pyui + sdl for a gui interface (really I 
>want wxPython... but I don't have the c++ skills to help a lot, at least 
>not yet :). That also entails PIL and pygame... has anyone tried to put 
>any of these on CE? I'm gonna give it a shot, but if anyone has any 
>horror stories or helpful hints, it would be greatly appreciated. 
>Anything I'm able to get going I'll post if anyone is interested.
>Also, if anyone has any other suggestions for GUI stuff that could work 
>with our platform requirements, I'd be all ears ;)
>Thanks for the great work that I get to benefit from!

- telionce@yahoo.com -

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