[PythonCE] Pythonpath? Associating .py files with PythonCE?

Peter Olsen pcolsen@comcast.net
Sun, 06 Apr 2003 21:38:48 -0400

I've been trying to port a few simple scripts from my Linux/Windoze boxen to
PythonCE.  So far I haven't been successful.

I haven't been able to get pythonce running from a command prompt (e.g.
"\Program Files\Python\pythonce.exe myscript.py"), I haven't been able to
arrange for it to start when I click on a script, and (finally) I haven't
been able to "import" the scripts from the Python ">>>" prompt.  (I think
this last is because I haven't been able to get PythonCE to accept my
PYTHONPATH environment variable.)

I would deeply appreciate any help.  (Please feel free to flame me with
RTFM --- just as long as you also tell me where in TFM to R.)

My long-term goal is to port aPOP server, a simple SMTP server, and
something like "getmail."  I want to use getmail to download my mail from my
internet mail accounts, the POP server to serve it to Pocket Outlook from
onboard the PDA, and the SMTP server to relay email out of the PDA.  I like
Pocket Outlook's user interface and integration with Pocket Explorer, but I
don't like the way it downloads and sends mail.

Again, I'd appreciate any help, pointers, advice, or encouragement.


Peter Olsen