[PythonCE] Can't get the sources of PythonCE

Jolivet, Raphael Raphael.Jolivet@xrce.xerox.com
Mon, 28 Apr 2003 17:48:17 +0200

 It seems that the link to the source files doesn't work. 
 Can you please indicate where I can find it.

 Actually, I'm trying to get 'Swig' work on PythonCE (iPAQ 3900 WinCE 3.0)
 Swig requires Python.h and Python.lib to build the DLL that handles the 
 wrapper to my C++ library. 
 Of course, the "Python.h" of Windows won't compile for WinCE (it needs some special headers)
 and the ".lib" file given in the Python22 distrib is compiled for x86, not ARM.

 Have you also heard of someone who to tried to port Swig on WinCE ? 
 Thank you in advance. 

 Raphael Jolivet