[PythonCE] Last Build of the quarter

Guido Wesdorp mailings at johnnydebris.net
Fri Dec 12 06:10:23 EST 2003

Jeffrey Nix wrote:

>Also the PythonCE.zip file contains _tkinter but you'll need to find a TclTk port to Windows CE on your own and you'll need to pull the lib-tk folder out of the desktop version of Python and put it in your lib folder on your PocketPC.
I think it would be easier to take the PythonCE-2.3 version with Tkinter 
and overwrite that with Jeffrey's version, that would leave the required 
Tkinter and Tcl/Tk files where they should be (is the tcl/tk location 
okay then, Jeffrey?) so I guess it would make everything of both 
packages available... (not tested)



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