[PythonCE] Running two python scripts simultaneously ?

Mike Temp mike at pcblokes.com
Fri Dec 12 11:06:37 EST 2003

With the version of ppceshell that comes in the standard distribution it's
*not* possible.
Someone recently posted their edited version of ppceshell that has various
improvements - one of them was that it was supposed to be able to run more
than one instance of python - although I haven't tested it. (And am away
from my desktop for a few days - so not in a position to try it).

A few people have been posting stuff recently (which is great and much
appreciated !) so I can't remember whose it was - but I think Guido has put
it on his site.......

Either check back through the archive (last month I think... but this group
isn't high traffic)... or wait for someone to post the link......


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> Hello pythonce,
>   Is it possible to run two (or even more) python scripts
>   simultaneously on the Pocket PC 2003 host ?
>   Meaby there is some kind of trick to do this, because it seems
>   impossible to make two instances of the same executable (python
>   interpretter in this case) running at the same time.
>   I am new to WinCE world, so please excuse me :)
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