[PythonCE] sys.platform strangeness

Telion lac@ccapcable.com
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 15:29:47 -0500

Hi Brian,

Thank you for reporting.

It shows as "wince" because sys.platform is internally 
defined from C header file, Pycnfig.h, and python22.dll
in my CAB distro is made with "wince".

You can simply add sys.platform = "Pocket PC" or whatever
it pleases you in site.py provided by CAB .
(It can be found in the same directory as .dll and .exe)

My version of pcceshell.py --- that is supposed to work for 
both PPC and HPC --- distinguishs the platform using sys.platform.
So, if you use CAB distro and My version of pcceshell.py,
you should add " sys.platform == 'Pocket PC' " in the site.py.

I will add these info on our Wiki, as well as incorporate it
into the next release.

By the way, I am still willing, and planing to make a new release
that should work for both PPC and HPC.

Also, I gained a little more knowledge that CE2.11 version

I have not done them because I was busy, and I have been porting
and playing with CE version of Wikiserver and LCC C ompiler,
and a few other stuff.


Brian Brown <brian@ablelinktech.com> wrote:
(2003/01/14 13:16)
>   I've installed Telion's CAB on my pocket PC, and replace the python 
>executable and win32gui.pyd as listed on the wiki. I also replaced the 
>pcceshell.py file - which still wouldn't run; it was acting as if 
>sys.platform == 'wince'.... so I changed all the if statements and then 
>the shell would work fine. I then imported sys and sys.platform indeed 
>is 'wince'. The is running on PocketPC 2002, so that is a bit confusing :-)
>Anyone have any ideas?
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