[PythonCE] PythonCE 2.2+ hourglass should be removed when help() is opened.

Yvo Dries yvo.dries@village.uunet.be
Sun, 19 Jan 2003 23:05:41 +0100

I installed PythonCE 2.2+ to my HP Jornada 720

When I type "help()" and press Enter, then I get some welcome text
followed by a "help>" prompt where I can type more. But in the meantime
the hourglass remains active at the center of my Jornada's screen,
whereas actually the wait is over, but yet the hourglass remains firmly
in place. I can then e.g. type "topics" and press Enter, so I'll get a
list of topics, but all the time the hourglass remains in place, instead
of disappearing when it's my turn to type.   

When I just press Enter at the "help>" prompt so as to be returned to
the interpreter, then the hourglass disappears. It also disappears when
from the menu bar I ask Help, About. And it also disappears when I
Windows-tab out of Python, and remains gone when I step back into it. 

I know: this is a minor inconvenience - but such things are especially
annoying for new users.
So I hope somebody will do something about this in a later release.

Yvo Dries
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