[PythonCE] PythonCE 2.2+ hourglass should be removed when help() is opened.

Telion lac@ccapcable.com
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 09:31:09 -0500

"Yvo Dries" <yvo.dries@village.uunet.be> wrote:
(2003/01/19 17:05)
>I installed PythonCE 2.2+ to my HP Jornada 720
>When I type "help()" and press Enter, then I get some welcome text
>followed by a "help>" prompt where I can type more. But in the meantime
>the hourglass remains active at the center of my Jornada's screen,
>whereas actually the wait is over, but yet the hourglass remains firmly
>in place. I can then e.g. type "topics" and press Enter, so I'll get a
>list of topics, but all the time the hourglass remains in place, instead
>of disappearing when it's my turn to type.   
>When I just press Enter at the "help>" prompt so as to be returned to
>the interpreter, then the hourglass disappears. It also disappears when
>from the menu bar I ask Help, About. And it also disappears when I
>Windows-tab out of Python, and remains gone when I step back into it. 
>I know: this is a minor inconvenience - but such things are especially
>annoying for new users.
>So I hope somebody will do something about this in a later release.
>Yvo Dries
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Hi Yvo,

You can ignore that hourglass, safely.
That problem is reported by lsr and already fixed ( but not released).

If you don't want to wait for the fix (that would be in the next 
simply add following line to pcceshell.py, at the 1st line of readline
() method 


Have fun.

PS. to all,

As for the next release, I have made some progress in CE2.11 builds.
MIPS and ARM version for CE2.11 compile without any error, now.
I'm strugling with strange error in SH3 build.
It compiles without error, but linker reports missing __malloc and __
used in pypcre.c.
But __malloc and __free is not defined, used in any file.
.asm and .cod reveals that compiler is producing __imp__free and
__imp__malloc as the symbols to be linked.
And that is not different from __imp__realloc and other symbols.
Yet, only free() and malloc() get linker error, and only for SH3 build.

The problem happens with these lines in pypcre.c.
Other files that use malloc or free does not cause any problem.
It happens on SH3 build only, too...

void *(*pcre_malloc)(size_t) = (void *(*)(size_t))malloc;
void  (*pcre_free)(void *) = (void (*)(void *))free;

malloc and free is defined in stdlib.h from eVC++.

// Malloc function prototypes, MALLOC.H
_CRTIMP void   __cdecl free(void *);
_CRTIMP void * __cdecl malloc(size_t);
size_t __cdecl _msize(void *);
_CRTIMP void * __cdecl realloc(void *, size_t);

Any idea on this?