[PythonCE] Using Tkinter

Guido Wesdorp mailings at johnnydebris.net
Tue Nov 4 05:40:41 EST 2003

Voidspace wrote:

> Just to further clarify ! When I say Tk script I mean a python script 
> that imports the Tkinter module... not a Tcl script itself or anything 
> fancy like that ;)
> Odd that it works typed from the interpreter........
Well I tried to reproduce your problem but couldn't, both running
scripts with the interpreter as hacking in some code in interactive mode
worked just fine. I did find out why closing an Tk app makes the
interpreter pop up, and I think it should be quite easy to modify...
Problem is just that I don't have the source of pcceshell.py for 2.3
lying around. Do you know where I can get it?



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