[PythonCE] 2 issues with PythonCE

Guido Wesdorp mailings at johnnydebris.net
Mon Nov 10 04:48:01 EST 2003

Hello there!

As you may have noticed I started using PythonCE a while ago ;) and 
there are 2 things I noticed that I think can be improved (read: 
opinions I have):

- It's not possible to run more than one Python interpreter at a given 
time. I can understand that in certain situations (mainly if you just 
want to use the interactive interpreter) if you click on the Python icon 
in the start menu, you'd probably want the interpreter opened that you 
were already working in, but in most cases the interactive interpreter 
will not be called directly but instead by running a Python application. 
Currently it is not possible to run two (completely different) Python 
applications at the same time.

- When one runs a script, actually pcceshell.py is opened. This is 
probably required to have some way of stdout, but for Windows 
applications it's rather nasty to have a Python box in the 
'background'... Wouldn't it be possible to have either a second 
executable or some other main script like pcceshell (and then use some 
command line switch or so to choose which one to use) which doesn't 
create a window itself but just interprets a script, ignoring stdout 
(and failing on stdin I guess)?

I'm not a C programmer at all, so even though I would love to try to 
give it a go myself, I think I won't manage. I've browsed through some 
of the source files and decided that C is just too cryptic for me ;) but 
I think these modifications would be really cool...



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