[PythonCE] Python 2.3 distribution for Windows/CE

Guido Wesdorp mailings at johnnydebris.net
Thu Oct 16 05:25:32 EDT 2003

Voidspace wrote:

> Following the link
> http://www.validus.com/~kashtan
> and downloading the binary ZIP I get a 640k file (which seems to be a 
> valid zip file).....
> Now as the last distribution of PythonCE was about 7 meg.... I'm a 
> little suspicious...
> I'm not *overkeen* to break my existing installation... wouldn't be 
> the end of the world I guess and maybe I should just try it :-) Do I 
> install this distribution over the *top* of the last one... or instead 
> of it...............
> Pardon my ignorance of course.............
> Fuzzyman

Indeed the package is smaller, it seems like most of the standard .py 
files in the Lib dir aren't there. It's is a very minimal 
Python(/Tkinter) installation, probably to save some room on the 
not-too-large storage of the common pocket pc, but you can just copy the 
files from the 'normal' Python 2.3 installation (the .py files will 
definitely work, not 100% sure about the .pyc files but I assume they 
will work as well, since the bytecode shouldn't differ) into the Lib dir 
of the Python/Tkinter distribution (\Program Files\Python\Lib). Note 
that if you don't have much storage it might be a good idea to transfer 
modules to your pocket pc only when needed to keep a nice and small 
I can assure you the distribution works, I have it running on my HP Ipaq 
since yesterday and I did some small tests with Tkinter which seemed 
okay. If I find some time this weekend I'll try to create up a more 
complete package (with the standard python stuff, Tkinter additions 
(tkMessageBox, tkFileDialog and such) and perhaps an extra or two) and 
try to find out what registry edits can make the dist a bit more usable. 
Don't count on it but if I do find some time I'll let you know.


Guido Wesdorp

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