[PythonCE] Python 2.3 - Thanks

Guido Wesdorp mailings at johnnydebris.net
Fri Oct 17 06:21:12 EDT 2003

Voidspace wrote:

> Great.
> Thanks very much guys for all your work and effort in this area.
> I'm afraid I'm unable to help a great deal as I don't understand the 
> issues when porting stuff over.
> I thought most of the module were written in C ! So I'm a little 
> surprised to hear of them as .py files :-)

Well some of them are, and that's an area of which I don't know much as 
well, (thanks a whole lot to David Kashtan for that dirty job ;) but 
most of the standard modules are indeed written in Python (who wants to 
write C if (s)he doesn't have to ;). David (probably because he just 
added what he needed, or to keep the distribution as small as possible) 
had only packed up the C-stuff and some core modules, I just added a 
bunch of standard Python distribution stuff (which was very easy: just 
grabbed the lot from another Python 2.3 and compiled that to .pyc files 
(to save some space)).

> I've got the 640k core distribution up and running - which now brings 
> a console window up - great ! Is this because ppceshell is now 
> included as standard ?

Think so, to be honest I just bought my PPC so the 2.2 dist was the 
first one I looked at...

> Of course I get import errors from my code... but it sounds like this 
> can be sorted fairly easily by including the right modules.
> I'm excited about the idea of being able to distribute my code with 
> 'minimal distributions' (including the possibility of zipping the 
> modules I use...).

Well, I guess that should work. What I missed were only a couple of 
things: some os functions aren't available (like os.getcwd and os.chdir) 
and I also noticed the '_random' C-module (required for random.py) isn't 
there. Apart from that it seems pretty complete.

> So it's looking very good and I'm very grateful... thanks.

My pleasure (don't forget I benefit myself as well ;)... Please let me 
know if you encounter any problems not mentioned in this mail, perhaps I 
can improve the dist a bit.



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