[PythonCE] PocketConsole & py 2.3.4

Pritchard stiqs at blackhills.net
Fri Aug 27 15:40:35 CEST 2004


Been a silent follower of this ce channel. In my quest for raw_input, I 
stumbled upon pocketconsole and installed it. Worked perfectly fine in 
earlier pyCE incarnations. Experimented with httplib and found that to be 
broken in 2.3.3 and the first 2.3.4 pyCE rendition. Got latest package and 
all was good. However, interaction of the shell and pocketconsole is broken. 
While in the past this was done transparently, now the console opens up as a 
black window in addition to the python shell. I could really care less if it 
backgrounded and let me continue my bisness, but it gets in focus and all 
raw_input feeback has to be typed to this window. The prompt for input will 
stay in the shell, the printing is in the shell, but input cannot be typed in 
the shell. using the older python on same ppc works fine. Any pointers?


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