[PythonCE] PocketConsole & py 2.3.4

Isr Gish isrgish at fastem.com
Fri Aug 27 16:33:50 CEST 2004

Well with wich version did it work corectly, and how ddid you configure it. I'm having the same problems with the new version but I never tried it before.

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   >Been a silent follower of this ce channel. In my quest for raw_input, I 
   >stumbled upon pocketconsole and installed it. Worked perfectly fine in 
   >earlier pyCE incarnations. Experimented with httplib and found that to be 
   >broken in 2.3.3 and the first 2.3.4 pyCE rendition. Got latest package and 
   >all was good. However, interaction of the shell and pocketconsole is broken. 
   >While in the past this was done transparently, now the console opens up as a 
   >black window in addition to the python shell. I could really care less if it 
   >backgrounded and let me continue my bisness, but it gets in focus and all 
   >raw_input feeback has to be typed to this window. The prompt for input will 
   >stay in the shell, the printing is in the shell, but input cannot be typed in 
   >the shell. using the older python on same ppc works fine. Any pointers?
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