[PythonCE] Traceback is driving me nuts

Peter Tillemans pti at elex.be
Fri Dec 17 18:33:13 CET 2004


I have currently python2.3.4 from the sourceforge site installed 
(Previously the Kashtan version), however both have a similar problem.

Whenever there is a syntax error in my script, after double clicking,  the 
error appears for a fraction of a second and is then covered with a window 
with the ominous text

Traceback(innermost last)

Closing this window, closes the underlying application and I still cannot 
read the error message.

This is driving me nuts, I am bouncing off the walls.

I struggled to get python running, I forced a way to Tkinter working, I 
even hacked a path to get Vim operational with syntax highlighting etc...

Please, tell me, is there a way I can see the errors which I coded....

Is there a way to close the window without closing the python apllication?

Is there a way to launch python script from the pcceshell?

Is there a way I can see my syntax errors?

thanks in advance,

Peter Tillemans

Elex                                               Email    pti at elex.be
Transportstraat 1                                  Tel. +32\
B-3980 Belgium                                     Fax. +32\
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