[PythonCE] wxPython on CE

Brian Retford brian at cococorp.com
Fri Dec 17 20:55:42 CET 2004

I nearly killed myself doing so, but I have a largely functional port 
of wxPython to CE. It is missing a few useful things (wxHTML, XRC, etc) 
but by and large it works well. It required a slightly modified version 
of the pythonce port that everyone seems to be using (namely I removed 
the spinning wait cursor, because wx is always doing something). I also 
made a pythonw that doesn't launch an interpreter. I can release 
binaries and source for any of these things. The CE port of wxPython is 
not presently in any state to contribute back to wxpython.org, sadly. 
I'd really like to get it there because I'd like both python on ce and 
wxpython to be supported by these projects formally. Let me know if 
there is interest and I'll get the files out there.

Brian Retford
Senior Developer

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