[PythonCE] BaseHTTPSever failes import

Remi Cool dev-pythonce at smartology.nl
Tue Feb 10 04:02:56 EST 2004


I'm experimenting with the pythonce 2.3 package and ran into a 
problem. Importing BaseHTTPServer goes wrong and results in a 
traceback on import tempfile with the message: 

Attribute error 'module' object has no attribute 'O_RDWR' (os.O_RDWR)

When you import tempfile in the shell, it get's imported correctly as 
does BaseHTTPSever after you manualy imported tempfile. I did not 
test BaseHTTPSever (yet), so I don't know if it works after 

I'll look into os.py for a solution, but if anyone already has a 
modified os.py and want's to share it, it will save me the time :)

My goal is to get a XMLRPC server running that serves HTML pages/forms 
to the PocketExplorer and enables the workstation to synchronize the 
data either via bluetooth or WiFi. 

A small database as Metakit with python bindings would be a welcome 
addition. Any one with metakit experience? Or SQLite for that matter?  


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