[PythonCE] BaseHTTPSever failes import

Isr Gish isrgish at fusemail.com
Tue Feb 10 09:54:33 EST 2004

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   >Subject: [PythonCE] BaseHTTPSever failes import
   >I'm experimenting with the pythonce 2.3 package and ran into a 
   >problem. Importing BaseHTTPServer goes wrong and results in a 
   >traceback on import tempfile with the message: 
   >Attribute error 'module' object has no attribute 'O_RDWR' (os.O_RDWR)

I think that in CE version none of the os flags are assigned I do remmember tempfile working in ver. 2.2. but there I onwy had the *.pyc files so cant check if something was done about the os flags (in ver 2.2 there wasn't either the flags).

   >When you import tempfile in the shell, it get's imported correctly as 
   >does BaseHTTPSever after you manualy imported tempfile.

Actually it doesn't impoet fully and if you close down python and open again and try to import tempfile you'll get the same traceback.
It seems that python starts binding the name and doesn't unbind it even when there was an error. (maybe its only PythonCE?)

   >I'll look into os.py for a solution, but if anyone already has a 
   >modified os.py and want's to share it, it will save me the time :)
   >My goal is to get a XMLRPC server running that serves HTML pages/forms 
   >to the PocketExplorer and enables the workstation to synchronize the 
   >data either via bluetooth or WiFi. 
   >A small database as Metakit with python bindings would be a welcome 
   >addition. Any one with metakit experience? Or SQLite for that matter?  

All the best,

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