[PythonCE] Updated Python 2.3.4 now available

David L. Kashtan kashtan at Validus.Com
Sun Jul 4 03:37:00 EDT 2004

I have finished virtually all the work to make it pass the Python
regression tests.  The ONLY test that does not run successfully with
this version is "test_mmap" (there are some win32 memory mapping API
problems that I have not debugged yet).

As usual, it is available at http://www.validus.com/~kashtan

Testing differences from regression tests on Windows/XP:
test_atexit  - skipped no popen()
test__bsddb  - skipped no _bsddb
test_bz2     - skipped no bz2
test_minidom - skipped no expat
test_popen   - skipped no popen()
test_popen2  - skipped no popen()
test_pyexpat - skipped no expat
test_sax     - skipped no XML (no expat)

To Do
Add command-line switch to python.c to inhibit PCCESHELL
test_mmap crashed -- Problem mapping the file.  Won't be able to close file when mapped.

David Kashtan
Validus Medical Systems

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