[PythonCE] Need to make one more fix to the Python 2.3.4 distribution for Windows/CE

David L. Kashtan kashtan at Validus.Com
Mon Jul 5 10:47:05 CEST 2004

Mark D. discovered that Tkinter would hang.  This was due to
a loop in the compatibility code that implements relative
pathname support (it gives Python on Windows/CE the concept
of a working directory).  I have re-posted the distribution (with the
problem fixed) on http://www.validus.com/~kashtan

This distribution also has one more feature.  If you invoke
Python (usually through a symbolic link) with a command line
whose first option is "/nopcceshell" then the internal shell
window is not initialized.  This is good for Python programs
(like those using Tkinter) that have their own windows and
don't want a Python shell window in the way.

David Kashtan
Validus Medical Systems Inc.

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