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Sun Jul 18 08:23:45 CEST 2004

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   >Can someone help me by clarifying the situation on the new Tkinter 
   >distribution - before I waste a lot of effort trying to get it to work....
   >Is the one on the Validus site for ppc2002 or *only* for 2003 ?
   >Also Isr asked the following question ?
   >> Another thing, I see that there are 2 sets of Tkinter & Tkconstants 
   >> files. One in the regular dist. and one in the Tk part of the dist.. 
   >> They seem to be different files because they have different amount of 
   >> bytes. Which should I use and what's the difference. all the best, Isr 
   >Has anyone resolved an answer ?

Hi Fuzzy,

I don't see why it shouldn't work for Pocket PC 2002. Also you should use the one from the library *not* from the tkinter dist. Because the lib is the more updated.

Also about the problem with the import error that you mentioned in a previous e-mail.
The reason for the import error has nothing to do specifically with running a script from explorer.  *I think* it has with the startup of python. It seems that when I tried putting the library file s in different places that's when I got the errors. (this is with the latest download, previous downloads I think did have some problems.) you should try putting everything in the Program Files\Python\lib directory as is stated on the website, then see if you still have problems.

All the best,

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