[PythonCE] Q: still problem with Tkinter

Ralf Ackermann rac at KOM.tu-darmstadt.de
Sun Jul 18 15:46:32 CEST 2004


even though I have followed the thread on the options for installation of 
the newest (2.3.4, downloads as of 7/12/04) Python for ARM distriution - 
unfortunately I still fail to use TKinter (gives me a failure with the
from Tkinter import * already).

I've only used files downloaded from

I've placed the unpacked content from the downloaded zip file in 
	\Program Files\Python\Lib
and the content of the Tkinter zip archive beneath the toplevel.
	=> puts tcl8.4.3 directory in parallel to My Documents,
		Windows ... 
	and puts 3 DLLs (celib.dll, tk84.dll, tcl84.dll) in the
		Windows subdir

What do I miss? Any hint from somebody who suceeded with Tkinter usage
(either in interactive mode or from a .py source) would be very helpful.

Best regards
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